OA Answers

The following links lead to statements which should answer some of the questions you might have about Open Access (OA) and related issues of scholarly change. Evidence has been collected to give support for these claims, so please take time to explore the citations and links below each explanation. We encourage comments and suggestions as we hope to improve and update this dynamic and changing resource.

  1. Introduction to OA
  2. Citation Advantage
  3. Self Archiving / Repositories
  4. Institutional Benefit
  5. Open Access Journals
  6. Institutional Mandates
  7. Open Access & Copyright
  8. Open Data
  9. Preservation
  10. Web 2.0
  11. Plagiarism
  12. Cost
  13. OA Books
  14. Peer-Review
  15. Publisher Rights
  16. Current Trends

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