About RCS

The Research Communications Strategy work is a JISC funded activity to investigate and coordinate many of the emerging themes, ideas and developments in the field of research communications at a strategic level.

The work provides a new point of liaison between JISC and the research community in taking forward important scholarly communication developments. The project provides a quarterly report for JISC which looks at the current and emerging issues in research communication at a strategic level. This report is validated against community feedback and is used by JISC as part of the sector-watch that informs strategic work and investment. A public version of the report is produced and released through community channels.

A second strand of the work is looking at advocacy to academics as one of the key issues in the adoption of open access, and is working to identify the significant concerns and barriers to cultural change and adoption of new research communication methods.

The project has the advantage of working alongside a range of projects and services within the CRC, giving access to in-depth links into user communities and an international perspective on issues, advances and developments. CRC staff members working directly on RCS are Bill Hubbard, Mandy Hodgson and Willow Fuchs.

An RCS Project Summary can be found here.


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