Green the way to win in the journals price struggle?

I’ve just read an article in today’s THES about the relentless increase in the price of journal subscriptions – and the growing feeling that enough is enough. Apparently JISC Collections has been instructed by RLUK to secure price reductions in the next round of negotiations with Elsevier and Wiley-Blackwell.

I wish them the best of luck. But we shouldn’t forget that if researchers tire of a system where they give their work to their publishers and then have to buy it back, they can use the Green route to Open Access and put their work in their institutional repository – where it will be available to anyone in the world, whether or not they can afford to subscribe to a journal. In most cases they can do this as well as publishing the article in a refereed journal. Seems like a good plan.


One Response to Green the way to win in the journals price struggle?

  1. Yes, Green’s the Way, But, No, There’s No Give-Away/Buy-Back (and There Never Has Been)

    Authors give their papers to their publishers for free, true. But their institutions don’t buy them back (they already have them1); they buy in the give-aways of authors from other institutions.

    But although the give-away/buy-back argument continues to be a canard, institutions mandating green OA for all their authors’ journal article output is indeed the solution (to the problem of access, first, and then, eventually, to the problem of journal overpricing).

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